The videos below are the Design Studio’s refutation to the allegations made by HSNO in its’ preliminary audit of the Great Park. This work took place from 2006-2009 under the direction and oversight of the Irvine City Council, City staff, the Great Park Corporation Board, the Great Park Corporation staff and the Program Manager, Bovis Lend Lease, and eventual Program Manager Brendan McDevitt with MCK and Associates.

Click on each video’s title to view the video and its reference guide from the City of the Irvine archive located at The reference guide lists the publicly available City of Irvine and Great Park Corporation videos of their meetings which were used to tell the truth about the recent investigation. We invite you to watch the City of Irvine and Great Park Corporation Board videos located on this site.
This is the preview of the Great Park videos. Watch this video first …
1. Prologue
A brief introduction to the Great Park Truth videos. The Great Park was not an ordinary park. It was going to be the first great metropolitan park of the 21st Century.
6. Master Plan
The award winning Master Plan was completed on time and on budget.
2. Background
An overview on the Great Park project and the selection of the Master Designer.
7. Schematic Design
After many months of negotiations with Corporation and City staff and their consultants, the Schematic Design contract was approved. Work commenced under continued oversight and guidance. The Schematic Design was delivered on time and on budget in early 2009. Both the City Council and Corporation Board praised the Design Studio for their work.
3. Oversight
The Irvine City Council enforced multiple levels of oversight over the Design Studio.
8. Change Order 35
Once the Schematic Design was complete, the Corporation asked the Studio to provide resources and support for a 100 day period of time while the Corporation moved into the Design Studio.
4. Video Guide
A brief video describing how the allegation response videos are set up. Watch this guide before viewing the Vetting, Master Plan, Schematic Design and Change Order 35 videos.
9. Cooperation with Investigation
Gafcon wrote several letters to the auditors informing them the Studio was pleased to cooperate.
5. Vetting
Watch how Gafcon was vetted by the City of Irvine.
10. Why is the Design Studio Being Investigated?
What is really going on at the Great Park?