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Welcome to Great Park Truth, a website established to provide accurate details about the Great Park Design Studio. There has been a lot of discussion about the City of Irvine’s investigation into the Great Park, and this website will help you understand how the project unfolded over the years.

Did you know?

The Design Studio’s Master Plan was comprised of more than 18,000 pages of drawings and reports and was completed on time and on budget!


What you will find is that there were multiple levels of oversight that ensured responsibility and transparency on the project. You will see the control exercised by the City Council and Great Park Corporation Board over the project. And, most importantly, You will see the truth.


The website features videos based on recordings of City Council and Great Park Board meetings. The footage accurately reflects 10 years of meetings and documents, and the truth about the City’s latest investigation. These videos remain available on the City of Irvine’s website, and we invite you to review them first hand to see for yourself how this issue has played out. Every clip used is cited in the videos reference guide and we’ve included link’s to all the original City videos.



Did you know?

There were over 14,000 pages of engineering plans and documents for the Park’s Schematic Design.