Gafcon Responses to LA Times Deposition Questions (July 30, 2014)

Gafcon Responses to LA Times Deposition Questions – July 30, 2014

The Great Park Design Studio was hired on the merit of its work through an international design competition involving 24 design teams reviewed by two separate juries of experts (see attached article). In addition, the Great Park Board of Directors personally vetted the Design Studio and conducted site inspection visits of past projects and conducted personal interviews with the Design Studio and the other two finalists. Please view the attached credentials of the top managers at the Design Studio who oversaw the Master Plan and Schematic Design of the Park, the only elements for which the Design Studio contracted with the City of Irvine.

Gafcon has a long history of delivering quality, value-generating work for a variety of clients across the country. The company has successfully overseen more than $4 billion worth of construction projects on time and within budget, providing continual transparency to clients, public entities, oversight committees and taxpayers. Gafcon and the Great Park Design Studio are proud of the work they have done on this landmark project, which has received numerous national awards from key organizations for planning and vision.

The Design Studio was comprised of 42 subcontractors, who are renowned international experts in architecture, design, engineering and more (some of which are billion dollar companies), and were chosen based on their expertise as part of an international design competition. Gafcon, as part of the Design Studio, was responsible for the design administration of the Master Plan and Schematic Design which included coordinating the subcontractors, who were in turn responsible for preparing the elements and implementation plan for the design.

Virtually all of the subcontractors signed a release form, acknowledging that they were fairly compensated on this project. Gafcon maintained a professional relationship with all subcontractors throughout the duration of this project. In addition, Bovis Lend Lease maintained over-the-shoulder audit and review of Gafcon’s work, and consistently approved of the project’s management and Gafcon. There was one subcontractor that had an initial complaint about compensation; however, she chose not to pursue litigation based on legal advice. The Design Studio’s attorney, Solomon Ward, replied to the subcontractor’s claims in a letter, dated March 3, 2011, that highlighted the false assumptions on which the subcontractor was basing her claims. We have attached a copy of the Solomon Ward letters for your consideration.

The Great Park Design Studio completed the Master Plan and Schematic Design of the Park on time and under budget. In fact, the City saved approximately $5.4M on the Schematic Design (see attached article). The Schematic Design contract was a fixed-fee contract with multiple levels of oversight. All spending was approved by Bovis, Great Park staff, Great Park Board and City Council.