4/22/15 – Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing on Irvine Great Park Audit

JLAC votes 9-3 in favor of an audit of the irvine city council. One more vote is needed to proceed for a state audit. Assembly Member Gonzales will return at the next meeting in June to obtain additional vote. City of irvine tried to stop the State audit but received little support.

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LOOK HERE – Our latest response to the March Audit

These latest attacks are a last minute attempt to find a way to continue to justify this baseless and costly audit, which has gone on for nearly two years and cost taxpayers $1.5 million. The City has refused to publically acknowledge the many inaccuracies in its initial audit findings and has yet to make any public corrections. Please see below for Latest Developments.

Audit Release Media Statement
March 24, 2014

Gafcon has repeatedly called for the completion of the January 2014 audit. The publication of the latest reports by Hagen, Streiff, Newton & Oshiro Accountants (HSNO) and Aleshire & Wynder, is a feeble and failed attempt to validate the City’s previous claims. We are disappointed by the City’s decision to release two more reports scattered with inaccuracies and ridden with unproven accusations. Throughout this so-called “audit,” Aleshire & Wynder and HSNO have repeatedly put forth unproven and misleading allegations. We are glad to see the City withdraw the initial 2014 audit which Gafcon refuted in a 90-minute video that addressed every allegation using footage and material from Council meetings. The City should have never released these current reports that fail to acknowledge previous errors and simply release a barrage of new false charges. Click here for complete statement

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Welcome to Great Park Truth, a website established to provide accurate information about the history and evolution of the Orange County Great Park project. Specifically, this website addresses the role of the Great Park Design Studio in the planning and design of the Park.

When Irvine voters voiced their support for a new park to replace the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, the City of Irvine undertook an international competition to select a master designer for the exciting new project. The Great Park Design Studio was chosen from a field of 24 competitors and undertook the task of designing a world-class park destination. Throughout the planning and design process, daily oversight was provided by the program manager and independent audits were conducted following the successful completion of each phase of work.

In the wake of the unforeseen economic downturn in 2008, plans for the Great Park stalled. Ultimately, after completion of the Great Park Design Studio’s work, the City of Irvine agreed to a scaled-down version of the original park design.

Despite their involvement in and approval of the original design and associated work, and subsequent decision to move forward with a smaller park, some City officials are now crying foul and have commissioned yet another audit of the Great Park. A preliminary report was released in January, and the full investigation is still underway. The preliminary report inaccurately characterized the work of the Great Park Design Studio. To set the record straight, a series of videos has been compiled to demonstrate the breadth of the Council’s involvement in all key decisions, the nature of the direction provided to the Great Park Design Studio and the accolades received for the planning and design work.

These videos reflect a review of 10 years of meetings and documents that demonstrate the truth about the City’s latest investigation.

We invite you to review the materials included here and learn for yourself the truth about the Great Park.   Start Here