Gafcon Response to Deposition Release Allegations (July 22, 2014)

Gafcon Response to Deposition Release Allegations – July 22, 2014

As a family-owned business with a long history of successfully managing hundreds of development and construction projects, Gafcon is appalled by the continued misinformation being released regarding the Orange County Great Park project, the Great Park Design Studio and Gafcon’s role as a consultant for development of the Park’s master plan and schematic design. The preliminary audit report that was released in January was Gafcon’s first opportunity to learn of the substantive areas of inquiry. Unfortunately, upon review, Gafcon determined that the report contains numerous factual inaccuracies, incorrect assumptions and speculative preliminary conclusions. Sadly, this approach appears to be continuing with the recent release of allegations put forward by former Great Park employees. None of these statements are true. At best, these are gross misstatements of the facts, and at worst, they are direct lies.

Gafcon was hired on the merit of its work through an international design competition involving 24 design teams reviewed by two separate juries of experts. In addition, the Great Park Board of Directors personally vetted Gafcon and conducted site inspection visits of past projects and conducted personal interviews with Gafcon and the other three finalists. The Great Park Design Studio followed all requirements of its Great Park contract and direction given by the City of Irvine in a complete and professional manner, completing work on time and within budget. The City Council and Board were involved in every major decision regarding the Great Park and continually provided direction to Gafcon, as well as other subcontractors. In addition, the City of Irvine imposed multiple levels of oversight over the Great Park Design Studio and its consultants. Bovis Lend Lease, one of the largest construction managers in the world, was in charge of the project and monitored all work conducted by the Design Studio and other contractors. As a part of its contract with the Design Studio, the City has also conducted several previous audits of the Design Studio’s work, none of which yielded any findings of wrongdoing by the Design Studio or Gafcon.

Gafcon has a long history of delivering quality, value-generating work for a variety of clients across the country. The company has successfully overseen more than $4 billion worth of construction projects on time and within budget, providing continual transparency to clients, public entities, oversight committees and taxpayers. Gafcon is proud of its work on this landmark project, which has received numerous national awards from key organizations for planning and vision. Gafcon continues to focus on providing the best services to its clients. The company is extremely proud of its work, which continues to be recognized for innovative and efficient planning and management, and is confident that these claims will again be found to be without merit. Gafcon looks forward to assisting the City of Irvine in the full and complete audit and investigation concerning the Great Park and ensuring the City of Irvine reaches fair, prudent and accurate audit findings.