Facts – Oversight


Did you know?

There were multiple levels of oversight that the Irvine City Council imposed over the Design Studio and its consultants during both the Master Plan and Schematic Design contracts:

    1. Primary level of oversight was provided by the members of the City Council: Larry Agran, Steven Choi, Sukhee Kang, Beth Krom, and Christina Shea.
    2. Oversight assistance was provided by the City’s independent Planning and Finance Commissions.
    3. The City of Irvine’s administrative staff, including the City Manager, Sean Joyce, the assistant City Manager, the City attorney and other City staff were responsible for the finance and contract issues.
    4. The Great Park Corporation Board of Director’s managed the project planning and design. The board consisted of members of the City Council, as well as: Chairman of Great Park Conservancy Michael Pinto, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, developer Walkie Ray, and Col. Bill Kogerman.
    5. The Great Park Corporation’s four CEOs during 2006-2010: Wally Kreutzen, Marty Bryant, Sharon Landers, Interim CEO, and Mike Ellzey, the current CEO.
    6. The Great Park Corporation management team including Christina Templeton, Manager of Engineering, Glen Worthington, Manager of Planning, and Colleen Clark, Deputy CEO and CFO.
    7. The City of Irvine also hired a highly regarded program manager for the Great Park project named Bovis Lend Lease to ensure the project’s financial accountability and to perform an “over the shoulder” real time review of all of the Design Studio’s work and invoices. Bovis Lend Lease is one of the world’s leading project management and construction companies. Bovis also retained several major subconsulting firms to assist it in its oversight including, PBS&J, The Chambers Group, DMc Engineering, and Brendan McDevitt with MCK Associates LLC. After Bovis left the project in 2009, Brendan McDevitt became the new program manager. The City paid Bovis approximately 9.4 million dollars for its oversight and other services.

Prior to the HSNO audit, the City spent approximately $10M on program management and independent audits and found only $19,742 in “questionable” billings.

The Master Plan Contact Compliance Review found one possible double billing in the amount of $15,500 by Buro Happold Engineering Inc, a Design Studio subconsultant. This amount was paid back to the City in 2009 and represented only 0.15 percent of the total billings of $10 million. Buro Happold Engineering Inc, denied that it was an overbilling, but repaid it anyway. The Schematic Design contract compliance review found a billing error of $4,242, which was also reimbursed to the City in 2012. Watch the Schematic Design video to see Debbie Gunderson, Great Park Corporation Senior Management Analyst, explain the results of the 2012 audit, which found no significant findings.

The current HSNO audit is now costing the City approximately $1.08 million (excluding legal fees).