Facts – Master Plan


Did you know?

The Design Studio completed Master Plan on time and on budget.

The Program Manager Bovis Lend Lease reviewed and approved all of the Design Studio work and invoices

Ken Smith won the Great Park’s international competition to be named the Master Designer.

He formed the Great Park Design Studio with Gafcon, Inc. Under the Design Management of Gafcon, 18 engineering, design, and specialty subconsultants joined together to work on the Master Plan the Great Park.

The Design Studio’s first task was to complete a Critical Issues Study.

The study was completed in 90 days and identified critical issues that would have an impact on design and implementation of the Great Park. This report was adopted by the Board in April 2006.

The Board directed the Design Studio to complete a Comprehensive Master Plan for the entire project.

The master plan is a comprehensive long range plan intended to guide growth and development of the park. The Comprehensive Master Plan was completed in a tightly compressed timeframe and was approved by the Board of Directors, the Irvine City Council and the Irvine Planning Commission in September 2007.

The Master Plan comprised of more than 18,000 pages of drawings and reports, was completed on time and on budget, and won many awards

HSNO alleges there were no defined deliverables for tasks. This is false.

Watch the Master Plan video to see Glen Worthington, the Corporation’s Manager of Planning and Bill Morgan from Diehl Evans prove these allegations as false.

HSNO alleges the Design Studio often transferred funds between tasks. This is false.

Watch the Master Plan video to see Bill Morgan discuss that transfers between tasks were done only with the approval of the Corporation’s staff or Board of Directors.

HSNO alleges that invoice documentation submitted by the Design Studio was insufficient.

This allegation makes it appear that the City paid subconsultants based on insufficient invoices. This is false. Although the audit reflected that invoice documentation could be improved, Glen Worthington told the Corporation Board there were many checks and balances to make sure invoices were not paid without sufficient documentation. Bill Morgan also complimented staff on their careful review of invoices.