Facts – Cooperation with Audit

Cooperation with Investigation

Did you know?

  • Since beginning work on the Great Park project, the Design Studio has cooperated with all appropriate requests of the City of Irvine, including prior audits the City has performed on the project and real time auditing performed by Bovis Lend Lease. Currently, the HSNO audit is ongoing, and both Gafcon and Ken Smith Landscape Architects are responding and cooperating with the audit. The Design Studio offered to cooperate with the audit as early as October 2013 and followed up in writing on numerous occasions, as can be seen from the previously sent letters.
  • Gafcon is now working directly with the legal counsel responsible for overseeing the current audit in order to discuss its concerns. After initially refusing to provide questions, the audit attorney began to request documents and submit questions in writing and has since held several meetings with Gafcon. Since these requests were received, Gafcon and its attorneys have provided the City with roughly 8,375 documents, which translates into 35,142 pages, compiled from the records of Great Park Design Studio executives and staff in response to requests from the audit attorney.
  • The Design Studio will continue to fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation to ensure the findings of the final report are accurate and properly presented to the City Council and to the public.

Letters Concerning offers to Cooperate