Facts – Change Order 35


Did you know?

Change Order 35 was only for a 100 day period of time.

Following the successful completion of the Schematic Design, the Corporation commenced its plans for the next phase of park construction, referred to as the 500 Acre Park Production Plan. The Corporation asked the Gafcon to work for an additional 100 days to help with the transition to the new architect and also tie up loose ends of the Schematic Design phase. These new services were set forth in a document called Change Order 35. The Great Park Board and City Council voted unanimously to approve Change Order 35.

In this chapter of its investigation, the auditors makes a fundamental mistake.

The auditors wrongly believe that all of the services the Design Studio and Gafcon were supposed to perform related to the construction of the 500 acre park. Change Order 35 specifically provided that the Design Studio was authorized to work on a number of old and new items related to the Great Park in general.

The specific provisions of Change Order 35 state that the Design Studio was required to provide invoice services and administrative services related to prior change orders, including those for Program Feasibility Studies.

The Program Manager Brendan McDevitt and Great Park CEO Mike Ellzey reviewed and approved all the Design Studio’s invoices.