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    1. Dear Tyler in Irvine,

      Thank you for visiting our website. There are two inaccuracies in your comment. First, Gafcon and its partner the renowned architectural firm, Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects ( EE&K) completed its contract for the Port of Los Angeles. Any claim that Gafcon was terminated is a complete fabrication. In fact, Gafcon and EE&K were recognized for our outstanding work on the project and won the Special Award of Merit from the American Planning Association, Los Angeles Chapter:

      Gafcon also received an outstanding recommendation from the Port of Los Angeles. Please read the Port’s letter about Gafcon’s work:

      Second, HSNO did not take a deposition of the LA Port employee that you mentioned. Page 39 of the January 9, 2014 HSNO preliminary audit claims that a Great Park consultant named Craig Smith told HSNO that he overheard the LA Port employee make certain allegations against Gafcon. We have refuted all of allegations in our video named Vetting: We encourage you to watch it.

      We welcome your comments and questions!

  1. Thank you for getting the truth out about what happened at the Great Park. It’s shame that you are being dragged through the mud for no good

  2. I am not directly a resident of Irvine, but as a resident of south Orange County and as a local Architect, I have been excited to understand the design vision for the great park and I have taken my young family to visit a number of times so they would have a direct understanding of the progress of this great project over time.
    All design visions change over time. Projects of this size, complexity, and duration are no exception.
    To think that it may be lost or adulterated to the point that it is ultimately unrecognizable from the original would be a shame.
    For such a loss to be the result of partisan political maneuvering would be nothing less than shameful.
    I don’t yet know the facts and it is difficult to separate them from the “spin” I am finding, but the truth is difficult to obfuscate with so much of the process having been held in a public forum. I am confident the truth will be revealed. Let’s all just hope it happens sooner rather than later and that too much of the community’s Great Park funds are not spent in this process.

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