City Council refuses to allow Gafcon to present 9 minute video – you can watch it here

City Council refuses to allow Gafcon to present 9 minute video

During the public comment session of October 14, 2014 City Council meeting, Mayor Choi and Councilmembers Lalloway and Shea refused to allow the public speakers from Gafcon to show our 9-minute rebuttal video (watch the 9 minute video now). Their refusal to show the video or cede speaking time is representative of the treatment we have received throughout this audit process. Since beginning work on the Great Park project in 2005, Gafcon has cooperated with all requests from the City of Irvine, including prior audits commissioned by the City. We continually offered to cooperate with the City on this audit and followed up on the offer to cooperate several times through email and telephone calls. However, we were not allowed to participate until June 2014, well after the release of the preliminary report, which was filled with factual inaccuracies and speculative preliminary conclusions with absolutely no evidence to back up the allegations. Now that we have taken the time to respond to the false allegations with a rebuttal video, members of the Council have not only refused to watch our video but also claim that we have not been cooperative throughout the audit process. The evidence clearly shows that is false. The manner in which this audit has ignored our cooperation and the treatment we have received from the City Council majority are disgraceful and do not instill confidence that the truth is what is being sought in this audit.

The Great Park audit presentation to City Council demonstrated again that the auditors continue to desperately reach for any allegation to justify their efforts, no matter how preposterous, unsubstantiated or insignificant. Many of the items they have chosen to review were already covered by previous audits, and many of the areas of inquiry highlighted by the review thus far have been unrelated to a forensic audit, which is meant to cover a project’s finances and accounting systems. We remain concerned that this audit has lost direction and has violated the scope and purpose with which it was initially charged. Additionally, we are frustrated that there has been no indication that the auditors plan to follow up on the allegations from the preliminary report released in January 2014, which were proven false by words of the Great Park Board and Irvine City Council as shown in our video rebuttal, nor have they made any indication that they plan to officially clear the names of those harmed by their false accusations. It seems only appropriate that if they do not plan to follow up on these charges, they should at least publicly apologize for the unjust treatment of those wrongly accused by the report. Despite these shortcomings, Gafcon will continue to cooperate and provide helpful information for any areas of inquiry in which we can be of assistance, just as we have done since beginning work on this project.

Watch the 9 minute video now